Hong Kong Youth Protesters Are Using Tinder And Pokemon Go
Hong Kong Youth Protesters Are Using Tinder And Pokemon Go

Hong Kong citizens are taking to Tinder, Pokemon Go and Apple’s AirDrop to invite people to join them for protests

As the city rolls into the third month of unrest, the youth of Hong Kong are making the use of dating and gaming apps to spread messages. Hong Kong protesters are now coming up with innovative ways to prepare for their future communications with the general public.


For more than eight weeks, technology has been at the centre of demonstrations against the extradition bill. According to Abacus News, the extradition bill will allow the Chinese Government to snatch anybody they want from Hong Kong. This has been the largest protest in a decade, with approximately one in seven people from Hong Kong joining the march.  The youth activists are using apps such as Tinder and Pokemon Go for communication and in preparation for demonstrations.

Posting information and schedule about the protests on the dating app Tinder is one such initiative taken up by Hong Kong protesters to mobilize people. The other method being used is through Pokemon Go. At one particular event, when the protestors were denied permission to march in one of the city’s suburban neighbourhoods, the protesters decided to say that they weren’t going to the march and that they were gathered for a game of Pokemon Go!

An editor of the cultural website, Goldthread, shared a photo on Twitter from a Tinder profile that showed a schedule of the marches around the city. 

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According to Abacus News, apart from Tinder and Pokemon Go, Apple’s AirDrop particularly has been useful in sharing information to the mainland tourists visiting the city. The people on the Hong Kong subway have been receiving posters inviting them from the protests through the medium of AirDrop.


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Not all form of communication for the protests can be done through Tinder and Pokemon Go. According to the South China Morning Post, most of the communication takes place on the traditional mediums such as LIKHG, the Hong Kong version of Reddit and other chat groups. 


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