Girl, delete your Houseparty app.

Not only is the app annoying af with its constant notifications, now we’re hearing that your other accounts can get hacked via the app? A big no from us.

Now, the app gained major popularity following the global lockdowns and the coronavirus pandemic that basically ensured we were locked at home with no social life. However, of late, netizens have been complaining about the numerous vulnerabilities in the video chatting app. The makers of the app have alleged that there’s a “paid smear campaign” going on and have offered $1 million (roughly Rs. 7.55 crores) to anyone who can find the source of this “propaganda”.


“One likely scenario is that the Houseparty app is the last app many users may have installed and registered using the same credentials as other apps, such as Netflix, Spotify and countless others,” said John Shier, Senior Security Advisor, Sophos to NDTV. “Criminals are constantly using old, compromised credentials to access online services in credential stuffing attacks. Correlating these two events seems to be what’s causing all the fuss.”