After Kanye West, Now Howard Stern Wants To Run For US Presidency 
After Kanye West, Now Howard Stern Wants To Run For US Presidency 

Stern also wants to add five more Supreme Court judges and end the Electoral College

Howard Stern is the latest celebrity who has set his eyes on becoming the president of the United States. The famous comedian and TV personality recently made his intentions clear on the episode of his SiriusXM radio show, to submit a presidential bid in order to end the Electoral College and overturn the controversial abortion ban.


If you haven’t been following international news, recently the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the Roe v Wade ruling, which granted protection to women’s right to get a legal abortion. The decision which was cast in a 6-3 vote has sparked a series of protests and backlash across America. 



Stern, however, wants to take matters into his own hands by introducing five more Supreme Court justices to the mix. He also added that other presidents have “too big of an agenda,” and that his main focus will be to “make the country fair again.”


“I said to (his longtime co-host) Robin Quivers, and I hate to say this, but I said to her, ‘I’m actually gonna probably have to run for president now,” Further adding, “I am going to do the very simple thing that’ll set the country straight: One vote, one person, no more of this Electoral College, I’m getting rid of it.


“And then Robin said, ‘Well, can you do that as president?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, let’s find out!'”



We checked if a sitting President can overturn a Supreme Court ruling, and the answer is no. However, the ruling president does have the authority to appoint Supreme Court judges. This is what Stern seems to be referring to by saying, “If I do run for president — and I’m not (messing) around, I’m really thinking about it — the only other thing I’m going to do is appoint five more Supreme Court justices,” Stern said. “I’m not afraid to do it. As soon as I become president, you’re gonna get five new Supreme Court justices that are going to overturn all this.”


Meanwhile, Stern hasn’t stopped pulling punches at the Supreme Court, calling Justice Clarence Thomas a “lightweight” who has been “sitting there like Darth Vader, dormant.”


(Featured Image Credits – (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

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