Here's A Look At Jaipur’s Royal Family $2.8 Billion Net Worth & Palaces
Here’s A Look At Jaipur’s Royal Family’s $2.8 Billion Net Worth & Palatial Properties

The recent Taj Mahal issue is just one of many high-profile incidents for one of India’s biggest dynastic families – here’s a closer look at their immense royal wealth and possessions.

As recent inquiries into the historical foundations of the Taj Mahal were quashed by the Allahabad High Court, things took an interesting turn as the Royal Family of Jaipur involved themselves.


BJP MP Diya Kumari – granddaughter of Man Singh II, the last ruling Maharaja of Jaipur – recently made a public announcement claiming that the famous monument was built on land owned by Raja Jai Singh, one of Jaipur’s monarchs.


According to Kumari, the land was claimed by Shah Jahan during his reign as the fifth Mughal emperor of India. While the Jaipur Royal Family were given compensation, there remains some doubt as to whether this was formally accepted – a fact that Kumari has expressed interest in taking to court.


The Taj Mahal issue is just one of many high-profile incidents for the family, who have held positions of power and influence for over a thousand years in the region. Today, the family still wields a strong political and cultural presence through its foremost members – Matriarch Rajmata Padmini Devi, Diya Kumari, and her children, Gauravi Kumari and Padmanabh Singh.



Let’s take a look at just how much the family has amassed over their many centuries in the spotlight:


Net Worth


While the Jaipur Royal Family isn’t recognized formally by the Government of India, their sheer presence and wealth make them something of a special case in the subcontinent.


As Maharaja of the dynasty, Padmanabh Singh – who is now 23 years old – commands a fortune of between $697 million and $855 million, according to Business Insider. 


While it’s hard to place an estimate on a royal family’s total wealth, some sources such as The Times of India have claimed that the family’s total value sits at an astronomical $2.8 billion.


Palatial Properties



While they naturally own a variety of assets, perhaps the most striking is the Royal Family’s core properties, many of which are deeply ancestral and were erected centuries ago.


The most famous of these is the Rambagh Palace, located about 8 kilometers outside of Jaipur’s bustling city streets. Originally established in 1835, the property was set up as a small garden cottage for Prince Ram Singh II’s wet nurse. With gradual additions over the years, it was expanded into a palace in the early 20th century and adopted as the family’s primary residence.



Ever since 1972, the property has been operated by The Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces – who have continued to landscape, curate, and update the property into one of India’s finest 5-star hotels. The family also has ties to the Rajmahal Palace – whose halls are pictured above.





While Padmanabh Singh famously might prefer the company of horses – he is an Indian Polo Captain after all – the Jaipur Royals are, of course, no stranger to luxury vehicles. Most recently spotted was the Audi Q7, pictured above alongside Princess Gauravi Kumari.


The Maharaja also has been spotted with a private collection of motorcycles – including several vintage Royal Enfields and an Indian Chief Classic.



Perhaps the cream of the crop when it comes to luxury vehicles is Maharani Gayatri Devi’s incredible 1937 Bentley 4.25-litre MX Series – while it hasn’t made an appearance in several years, here’s a quick peek into the past:



Quite an expansive list, we must say!


(Featured Image Credits: @theroyalfamilyofjaipur/Instagram)

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