When you want to do as much as Jeff Bezos’ does and have just as much money to do it, you realise the average human life span is not enough. SO, understandably, one of Jeff Bezos’ latest passions is to be ageless.

Bezos has created a start up with fellow billionaires, like the Russian-Israeli Yuri Milner, to reverse the effects of aging. Instead of injecting themselves with botox, they are injecting millions of dollars into Altos Labs, recruiting some of the best scientists on the planet to come up with a formula for eternal youth, all on the genetic level.

“The philosophy of Altos Labs is to do curiosity-driven research. This is what I know how to do and love to do,” Altos researcher Manuel Serrano told Technology Review.

“In this case, through a private company, we have the freedom to be bold and explore… The aim is to understand rejuvenation. I would say the idea of having revenue in the future is there, but it’s not the immediate goal.”

Dr Serrano’s previous work includes genetically engineering mice to turn back their biological age. Although the experiments were successful in reverting the mice’s cells to an embryonic stage, they all developed tumours.

Other researchers involved in the project include joint Nobel Prize-winning Shinya Yamanaka, who developed the breakthrough reprogramming technique.

If the technology they are working on is brought to fruition, it can have the potential to add up to 50 years to a person’s life.

One of the richest men of the world, Bezos had stepped down as CEO of Amazon earlier this year so as to “pursue his other passions.”

Bezos has shown keen interest in space as well. Since he has stepped down as CEO, he has flown to outer space and sued NASA as they refused to give him a joint contract.

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