Instagram has partnered with actor and director Jonah Hill to debut a new series titled Unfiltered. The unscripted show is directed by Hill himself. The series would feature the actor interviewing people aged 13 to 25 about their experiences with bullying.  They open up about various issues faced by them, ranging from body-shaming to cyberbullying. Along with interviewing the victims, Hill has managed to interview the bullies as well. 



“It was an incredible experience to direct this project. I tried to create an environment for young people to be heard and listened to. I wish there was a platform to hear other’s struggles and experiences when I was growing up. I hope that this will be inspiring for young people to share their stories and feelings and not feel so alone,” Hill said in a statement. 

Unfiltered gives an emphasis on the anti-bullying message and is a crucial step in making Instagram, a social media platform safe from bullies and bullying.