Jonah Hill's Movie 'Mid90s' Takes Us Back To 90's Fashion
Jonah Hill’s Movie ‘Mid90s’ Takes Us Back To 90’s Fashion

Stevie and his friends are the 90’s LA skateboarders cruising around the city

It has only been an upwards journey for Jonah Hill in the last year or so with 2 Oscar nominations under his belt and a directorial debut ready to release. An actor, producer, screenwriter and comedian (is there anything he doesn’t do?), Jonah has now added director to his long list of titles with the movie ‘Mid90’s’. The movie revolves around the 90’s LA skater culture with Sunny Suljic playing a 13-year-old Stevie who befriends a bunch of skateboarders and falls into mischief every now and then. 


The trailer instantly hits you in the feels bringing back all the things we held near and dear in the 90’s. Nostalgia clearly seems to be the flavor of the season. A large part of 90’s men’s fashion was all about flannel shirts, ripped denim, fanny packs and all things relaxed and easy. The movie has Stevie in his friends dressed in baggy pants and slouchy t-shirts cruising around the city. The cd players and video recorders from back in the day also make an appearance showing the movie has gotten the aesthetics right to the basics. 

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Apart from the movie, Jonah Hill is also famous for his no fucks given street style that’s hard to miss. The guy wears a topcoat with shorts and it couldn’t get more relatable than that.


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The trailer has already caused a frenzy on the internet and we can’t wait to be transported back to the good old times. 


Watch the trailer here

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