Juhi Chawla has broken her silence on her recent lawsuit challenging the rollout of 5G wireless network technology that many claimed was done for the sake of publicity.

Earlier this year, actor Juhi Chawla filed a lawsuit against the introduction of 5G technology in India. However, the Delhi High Court dismissed the suit, imposing a fine of Rs 20 lakh on her and two other applicants.

Chawla took to her official Instagram page and narrated her ordeal in a video about 15 minutes long.


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Talking to Indian Express after the video was seen by the masses, the actor said, “I feel truly grateful to all the people who are sending their support and encouragement through messages and replies on social media,” she said.

“What we put out on video was just a glimpse of the work that my team and myself have done over the last 11 years. Due to the time constraint on social media, we had to squeeze all we could into a 15-minute video. There is a whole lot of correspondence and information which had to be left out.”

She further said, “When the storm died down, and I could see more clearly, I became calm and strong because I realised what an important, timely, relevant and impacting question I had raised. Had it not been so, would the world have erupted the way it did?”

She maintained that her team and herself had poured in relentless work with no vested interest. It was all done for the sake of public welfare.

Opening up on her maintained silence, the actor said, “In June, when the heat was on and the press was going ballistic, the accusations and questions were pouring in, I was bewildered and confused. It was a tough time and even my PR team could not understand why we were not defending ourselves. Time and again, I planned to respond, but something would not work out. I had to remind myself that there is a higher force and it will all happen when the time is right. Well maybe, that time is today. Today we released the video, briefly showcasing our work of 11 years.”

Juhi Chawla shared that they went to court to certify if 5G technology was safe to use, adding that she is not against technological advancements per se. However, authorities failed to give her substantial proof.

It started back in 2010, Juhi Chawla said that she saw mobile towers near her home. Delving deep into the effects of radiation, she was not certain she trusted these to be safe.

An agency from Hyderabad confirmed her fears, “the operator showed me the meter, which was already at the highest level. Once the reports came in, we were told that radiation of such a high level could have ill effects on our health.”

A little probing and 13 out of the 14 towers, apparently illegal, vanished. Soon, she started having others reach out to her for help and she could not turn them away.

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