KFC, a food-chain that prides itself on its chicken items, has decided to dabble in plant-based food items now. They have teamed up with a plant-based food company, Beyond Meat to produce meatless wings and nuggets as a trial in one of the US stores. 

According to its press release, the vegan imitation chicken would be available in a KFC store near the SunTrust Park in Atlanta on 27th August. 

The results were quite surprising as they were successful to get sold out within five hours of its release to the public. The consumers took to Twitter to show the number of lines and cars waiting for the store to serve them with their new plant-based product.


And with the reviews that were posted on social media, it seems like the meatless-chicken has turned out to be a huge success.


“KFC is an iconic part of American culture and a brand that I, like so many consumers, grew up with. To be able to bring Beyond Fried Chicken, in all of its KFC-inspired deliciousness to market, speaks to our collective ability to meet the consumer where they are and accompany them on their journey. My only regret is not being able to see the legendary Colonel himself enjoy this important moment,” said Ethan Brown, the founder and CEO of Beyond Meat, in the press release announcing the deal.