Lalit Modi Shifts To Belgrave Square After Holiday With Sushmita Sen
Lalit Modi’s New Apartment In London’s Swanky Belgrave Square Is A Home Run, Literally

Despite legal troubles, it looks like Modi’s living his best life

IPL founder Lalit Modi has recently found himself in the spotlight for a relationship-reveal with model-actress Sushmita Sen. As Sen defended her new relationship across the weekend, another model also made the news in connection with Modi, spilling interesting details on the businessman’s living arrangements.


The news surfaced as Modi’s legal team armed themselves to face a ‘deceit claim’ appeal from Singaporean model-investor, Gurpreet Gill Maag. The appeal follows a heated high-court judgement from March 2022, which itself followed a $1 million investment in Modi’s cancer venture, which is clearly close to his heart, owing to the fact that his ex-wife, Minal Modi passed away after a 10-year battle with the fatal disease.


While Maag was initially swayed, she later claimed that Modi had made ‘misleading/false claims of several high-profile individuals backing his venture’. Modi himself denied the allegations, although he was forced by the court to pay up $800,000 with interest.


While the social media frenzy surrounding Sen and Modi continues to spiral, recent court documents from the Maag case have revealed many details about the businessman’s intriguing private life, with a particular focus on his place of residence.


Where Does Lalit Modi Live?



Lalit Modi has largely operated out of London since 2010 — around the time that he was accused of impropriety on over 20 counts, connected with his business operations surrounding the IPL, which celebrated its 2022 finale back in May.


With his passport being revoked in 2011 by the Indian government, Modi got further entrenched in British interests, eventually investing up to a million pounds — nearly 100 crore — in British stocks and shares alone. This necessitated a base of operations, which initially took the form of 117 Sloane Street — a stately mansion where he lived with Minal until her death in 2018, and his two children, Aliya and Ruchir Modi.


The 7,000 square foot home flaunted 14 rooms and an inbuilt elevator, paired with multiple reception rooms, guest rooms, and kitchens, alongside a fleet of Aston Martins, Ferraris, McLarens, and Bentleys in the driveway.



Like many multi-generational businessmen, however, Modi continued to look at the next best thing, which was now revealed to be a new estate located in London’s Belgrave Square — one of the most expensive and exclusive neighbourhoods across all of Europe.


According to reports, first-discovered by London-based independent journalist Danish Khan, Modi moved to the residence in 202, barely five minutes away from the older Sloane Street house. It seems that the move is simply part of a lifestyle upgrade for the businessman.


The address was also noted in the geotags for Modi’s recent Instagram posts, confirming that he’s currently at Belgrave Square after his holiday with Sen.


While the new residence is still under wraps with no publicly available images, it will allow him to rub shoulders with some of the world’s most powerful, wealthy, and influential people. Belgrave Square, as the name suggests, features a private garden at its centre, flanked by diplomatic homes and several of the world’s biggest embassies — somewhat similar to New Delhi’s Chanakyapuri.


Some of the key individuals who will now share a pincode with Modi are the Barclay Brothers, owners of The Telegraph and Ritz Hotel, Dubai’s ruler Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Russian billionaire-oligarch Oleg Deripaska, and several bigwigs from the Qatar and Kuwait royal families.


While Modi has recently enjoyed a vacation with Sen and his close associates in the Maldives, he also has plenty of favourite haunts close to the Square, including a number of local watering holes, such as British celebrity favourite, The Chiltern Firehouse, where Modi has hosted large parties in the past.


While we’re yet to see paparazzi spot Modi and Sen in London, chances are that the former will find himself hunkering down as Maag’s appeal date of February 2023 draws closer, confirmed by the businessman’s high profile legal firm, BlackLion Law LLP.


“I do not follow Lalit Modi on social media or otherwise, which would suffice to say I have no interest in his private life,” confirmed Maag on Lalit’s recent claim to fame.


(Featured Image Credits: @LalitKModi/Twitter)

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