The Lighter Side Of Arnab Goswami
The Lighter Side Of Arnab Goswami

“I listen to a lot of music. Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead. Old-school rock. Also, Tom Petty. I basically download all the live performances.”

“Imagine listening to Pink Floyd and scuba diving” – Arnab Goswami on his love for old-school rock, his advice to rookie journalists, and more. 




What do you do when you are not working?


I listen to a lot of music. Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead. Old-school rock. Also, Tom Petty. I basically download all the live performances. I like to listen to 15 variations of the same song. If you listen to the original ‘Creed’ by Radiohead, you would find that the variations by others are better. I’m into music in that limited, amateurish sense.


Does your family worry about the fact that you look stressed on tv when you take on controversial issues, the fact that it might affect your health?


My family’s very supportive. My family has seen all the attempts that have been made by big media groups to crush me. They are very motivated by what I’m doing. I’m very fortunate to have their total and complete support. I actually enjoy doing what I’m doing. It’s not a stress for me.



What would you do if you did take a break?


My son went scuba diving last time. I chickened out at the last minute. I should have done that. So if I had the time, I’d go scuba diving with my son. It’ll be fantastic to go scuba diving with these underwater headphones. Imagine listening to Pink Floyd and scuba diving. That for me would be the absolute high.


There’s been speculation about the sort of valuation republic TV is likely to get. You will become a very wealthy man. What do you have to say about that?


Whatever valuation I get — and there is good valuation — it is not to make me personally wealthy. I don’t believe in paper money. I have very few physical and material needs. Whatever valuation I get, whatever money we earn, I’ll put back into the business. That is my commitment. There’s no valuation to what I just described. Is there a valuation to listening to Pink Floyd and going scuba diving?



Jacket by Brooks Brothers; shirt by Thomas Pink; glasses by Gucci



Do you have any political aspirations?


No. I have said it clearly. I have no aspirations in the past, present or future. For me, the Newshour is more important than politics. We can have more impact as journalists than politicians.


Is there anybody you’d like to interview that you haven’t already?


 Putin, Trump and Sonia Gandhi.


What advice would you give to rookie journalists today?


Don’t work for people who don’t respect journalism. Don’t measure what you do in terms of money. Don’t compromise in the first five to ten years of your career. If you find that others are earning more money in other professions, other than journalism, you will be distracted. Don’t be distracted, just carry on. Because if you’re good you’ll make it after ten years. Journalism is a bit like law and medicine; it takes more time to set yourself up.


What would your epitaph say?


Broke the rules, and won.



Jacket and trousers by Brooks Brothers; shirt and tie by Thomas Pink; watch and cufflinks by Shazé; glasses by Gucci



Read all about Goswami’s view on liberals, his opinion of the BJP party and his evaluation of the Modi government in the April issue of Man’s World India or get your digital copy from and JioMags.



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