Like a Virgin, sung by Quentin Tarantino characters
Like a Virgin, sung by Quentin Tarantino characters

Hear Jules, Hitler and Django sing Madonna’s greatest hit – yes, really

No doubt you remember the opening monologue from Reservoir Dogs. “’Like a Virgin’ is all about a girl who digs a guy with a big dick. The whole song is a metaphor for big dicks.” With those two lines, Tarantino laid the foundation for his neo-noir films, featuring some of the most epic conversations and dialogues heard in a movie.


Glen O Neill of Coponfilms pays tribute to Tarantino by assembling a montage of his movie characters into performing a spoken-word rendition of Like A Virgin, Madonna’s number one hit.  The lyrics don’t exactly match Madonna’s (they swear like sailors), but admit it, this is exactly what you want to watch on a Tuesday.

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