Macy’s is planning to reopen its stores in the United States starting from today.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, the giant retail chain confirmed on Thursday that it would be resuming operations at 68 different locations across America, after being forced to close a staggering 750 stores in March due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The second batch of stores will open on May 11, while all of its remaining branches are expected to be reopened by mid-June, after authorization from state and local governments.

The first batch of stores will be opened in these locations: Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Oklahoma. The cash registers will be equipped with various barriers while most of the fitting rooms will not be operating. All products in the beauty department will strictly follow a no-touch rule. The customers will be asked to cleanse their hands with sanitizer before trying on jewelry and accessories.

According to Hypebeast, the CEO Jeff Gennette says that he expects the first wave of stores to bring in sales amounting to only one-fifth the normal volume.