In the year 1982, billionaire Chuck Feeneyset up a philanthropic foundation with a singular goal in his mind – of secretly giving away his entire fortune. Now, after 38 years, he has finally achieved that goal at the age of 89.

Over the course of his life, Feeney earned over $8 billion in the duty-free shopping business. According to media reports, despite all his wealth, the businessman doesn’t own a car and only owns one pair of shoes.

This week, Feeney’s foundation, The Atlantic Philanthropies, finally ran out of money and the businessman told the Guardian that he was happy with “completing this on my watch.”

He also urged other uber-rich people to follow in his footsteps and help people out. “Wealth brings responsibility. People must define themselves, or feel a responsibility to use some of their assets to improve the lives of their fellow humans, or else create intractable problems for future generations,” he said.