Mexico's Tequila Council Opposes Elon Musk's 'Teslaquila'
Mexico’s Tequila Council Opposes Elon Musk’s ‘Teslaquila’

The Tesla CEO plans on fighting the tequila council’s opposition

In October, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce that he will be putting out his very own brand of liquor called ‘Teslaquila’. But things probably won’t be too smooth for Elon’s new venture. 


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Mexico’s Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT), which looks over the quality and origins of the drink in Mexico and abroad, are not pleased with Musk’s new venture. Just like how champagne is named after a region in France and own the sole rights for the title, tequila is also named after a region in Mexico. It is only supposed to be made in the states of Tamaulipas, Guanajuato, Jalisco or Michoacan and any other company cannot just use the name tequila for their product.


The businessman’s drink isn’t named tequila but is named ‘Teslaquila’, which is a play on the word tequila and his brand Tesla. Tesla had filed an application to trademark the word ‘Teslaquila’ with the US Patent and Trademark Office on October 8. 

In a statement to Reuters, the CRT said, “Teslaquila’ evokes the word Tequila … (and) Tequila is a protected word. If [Tesla] wants to make Teslaquila viable as a tequila it would have to associate itself with an authorized tequila producer, comply with certain standards and request authorization from Mexico’s Industrial Property Institute.”

Musk tweeted out his response to the council by saying, “We will fight Big Tequila!”

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Things probably won’t be too easy for the Tesla CEO not only because of the Mexican council’s opposition but also because of the competition he has when it comes to celebrity owned liquor brands. Elon Musk has come up with inventions like mars orbiting rockets, electric sport cars and hyperloops, but his most simple and normal idea of starting ‘Teslaquila’ seems to be his most challenging one yet. 


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