Michael B. Jordan isn’t a stranger to comic-inspired films. He portrayed Killmonger in Marvel’s Black Panther, but now, he might be playing one of the greatest superheroes of all time — Batman. Well, no. The other cool DC superhero. We’re talking about Superman.

DC Films had not been doing as well as it should have been doing, but recent successes like Shazam and Aquaman have singlehandedly taken the comic studio on an upward curve in terms of financial success and popularity. While DC superheroes like Shazam, Aquaman and Wonder Woman have held their own, DC’s biggest superheroes have not. The role of Batman was being juggled around but has now finally landed in Robert Pattinson’s lap. The Batman film has been steadily taking shape with some big names being involved in the film. Superman, however, has not had the same luck. We never got any confirmation from Warner Bros. nor Henry Cavil if the actor will still be playing the prestigious role of Superman. But according to a recent Variety report, Cavil might not be returning and might face the same fate as Ben Affleck.



Warner Bros. has been reportedly wanting to “make Superman relevant to modern audiences,” and the studio has been “polling lots of high-profile talent” to try and get a fresh new take on the superhero. Jordan apparently had a meeting with the big bosses at Warner Bros. where the actor was “pitching Warners on a vision for the character.”

Jordan was most famously seen portraying Killmonger in Marvel’s Black Panther, but has had his name linked to a string of upcoming interesting projects apart from Superman. Most recently, the actor was reportedly being considered for The Matrix 4.