Montblanc House: The Perfect Place To Hone Your Writing Skills
Check Out The Orignal Handwritings Of Hemingway, Kahlo And More At Montblanc’s Newest Museum 

Talk about honing your writing skills in style

Want to hone your writing skills? Montblanc, the German luxury goods maker has opened its new museum and visiting centre recently for “visitors from all over the world to experience the power of writing.”


Situated in Hamburg, Germany, the sprawling 3,600 square metre project is next to the company’s headquarters. In case you’re planning to visit, the museum will showcase the original handwritings of iconic figures like Ernest Hemingway, Frida Kahlo and even Jackie Chan! 



Along with it, visitors will get the opportunity to see over 410 Montblanc writing instruments, from both past and present, and also witness the making of its iconic nibs. But what’s got our attention is, that Montblanc Haus will conduct a series of writing workshops, including classes in calligraphy, hand lettering, and creative writing. 


Additionally, visitors can also be a part of – 


  1. The Pulse of Writing – an immersive experience that highlights the power and value of writing. 
  2. Montblanc’s Legacy and Vision – tells the story of the Maison and its icon the Meisterstück.
  3. Handwriting from around the World – which puts a spotlight on different types of handwriting translated into artwork.
  4. Montblanc Collections –  that explores different collections including Limited Editions and the exclusive High Artistry pieces


The luxury brand claims, that its guests will have a unique experience of “discovering the potential of their own handwriting with Montblanc’s writing instruments.”



Speaking about the Montblanc Haus itself, it was designed by Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos as a “homage to the historical shape of Montblanc’s writing instrument packaging.” It features three levels of space, articulated around a central illuminated atrium. The cost of it? Close to $30 million. 



(Image credits: Montblanc Haus)

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