The Newest Fad, Thanks To Pollution: Fresh Air In Cans

Delhi just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to pollution. Now people have to buy fresh air

Delhi just can’t seem to catch a break. Especially after the festive season, the pollution levels are off the charts. 


According to News18, as many as 57% respondents of their survey have been facing health issues due to the poor quality of the air. The air in the capital has been deteriorating with every passing moment, and it has compelled the citizens to resort to outlandish methods. 

But it is a great opportunity for companies to cash in. And, thanks to them, you can now buy fresh air.

Fresh air has become a means of luxury. Originally, the Canadian company, Vitality Air came up with the concept of selling bottles of fresh air. And, the Indian market seems to be catching up. 


Now, you can purchase fresh air from the Indian brand, Pure Himalayan Air at Rs.550 for about 10 litres.

We inhale about 7-8 litres of air every minute, and about 11,000 litres of air per day. So, fiscally, this isn’t a great solution for your pocket over a period of time.

(Image Credits: From Pure Himalayan Air)

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