Obama, The Bad Boy: Sex, Drugs and Controversies

Now here’s a side of Obama that’s probably unheard of. Rising Star: the Making of Barack Obama, a biography by Pulitzer Prize winner David J Garrow has been making headlines recently with claims of disclosing Obama’s wild life, filled with sex, drugs and other controversies.


Well, it’ll definitely be an interesting read for all those who cannot fathom that their beloved President Obama was once a bad boy before turning into one of the most renowned political figures across the globe.


For all those eagerly awaiting the biography, here’s something to ponder about. The book contains some exclusive and extensive interviews with Sheila Miyoshi Jager, who was Obama’s former girlfriend where she claims how Obama proposed to her twice.


This is not it. Here are some of the juiciest bits in the book that will surely give you a taste of Obama’s formative years and how he was prior to becoming one of the most powerful and influential beings in the world.




  • Garrow writes about how Obama and Jager, now a professor of East Asian studies at Oberlin College in Ohio, met in the mid 1980s and eventually moved in together.





  • For all those who thought Obama was only interested in politics and no fun, here’s the moment of truth. Sheila, in the biography, has acknowledged Obama was a very sensual person and sex was actually a huge part of their relationship.





  • There’s also a revelation of how Obama slept with his girlfriend Genevieve Cook on their first date before she wrote a poem about their intimate relationship.





  • Genevieve and he also took cocaine together which is one of the bigger shockers since Obama had previously admitted to taking drugs during his teens and not his 20s.  After they split, Genevieve is said to have been intimate with his best friend.





  • The book also exposes the fact that there was a time when Obama considered a gay relationship while at college. Also, the biography mentions how Obama cheated on Michelle with his ex during the first year of their relationship.




Intrigued? Well, we’re intrigued too. So for all those eagerly waiting for the book on former President Obama, here’s some good news. The biography releases this week. Stay tuned! 



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