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The Olsen Twins Are Turning To Menswear With Their Couture Label The Row

The fashion know-it-alls are here to give your wardrobe an update

The fashion geniuses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are taking to menswear soon and there are multiple reasons to watch out for. The former actresses turned designers launched their couture label The Row in early 2006 and since then have been recognized for offering fine tailoring and lux garments to a market who can afford the high price lines that come with it. With that being said its only just for the fashion queens to venture into menswear. 

“We want to be able to offer the menswear market those same core foundation pieces at a luxury level. It was imperative that we received our customers’ feedback and to approach this collection thoughtfully at our pace” said Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in a joint statement. The duo is looking at everything from suits, coats, jeans, t-shirts to footwear and accessories. The shirts will be made in France, knitwear in Italy and denim in the U.S. A recently released press release stated that the Olsen’s will combine the refinement of a classic bespoke experience with the precise minimal masculine style of New York-specific to the 80s and the 90s. 

In the day and age of slouchy silhouettes and streetwear gaining mass appeal, it’s refreshing to look at brands retaining the art of bespoke tailoring. With the look of it, the silhouettes offer a structured and clean appeal much like the womenswear line. The collection will be made available online and at the offline retail stores in October. 


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