South Indian superstar Rajnikanth has announced his departure from the world of politics after promising “a wonder and miracle” in the upcoming 2021 Tamil Nadu polls.

The actor tweeted a three-page letter to his fans, explaining his decision, and asking for their support.


“With extreme sadness I say that I can’t enter politics. Only I know the pain of announcing this decision,” the 70-year-old said in a letter in Tamil.

“This decision of mine will disappoint my fans and people but please forgive me. I will serve the people without entering electoral politics,” he said.

“My hospitalisation was like a warning from God. My campaign will impact health amid the pandemic. I thank office bearers for working with me,” he added.


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The rest of the actor’s letter went over his party, thanking politician Tamilruvi Maniyan, and promising Tamilians to do what he can for them without entering politics.

He wrote, “All this will not go in vain and that blessing will save you and your family forever.  When I met you on November 30th, I will never forget the words you all said in one voice, ‘Your health is important to us, we agree with whatever you decide’.  I bow my head for the love and affection you have for me.  RMM will function as usual.”

He added, “I will do what I can to serve the people without getting into electoral politics.  I have never hesitated to speak the truth and I sincerely request the fans and the people of Tamil Nadu, who love truth and transparency, who care about my well-being, who love me and live for me, and the people of Tamil Nadu to accept this decision of mine.  Long live the Tamil people!  Tamil Nadu to develop !!  Jai Hind!!”


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