As Pope Francis ends his historic visit to the Republic of Ireland, we are left with a number of incidents making the papal visit somewhat of a whirlwind. But to be honest, the highlight of the visit remains the selfie of a 12 year old with the pope.

During the festival of families in Croke park, Alison Nevin grabbed the opportunity to ask the pope for a selfie. To the sound of a rapturous applause and everyone’s excitement the pope delightfully posed for the iconic selfie. She was brought along as a representative of the Traveller community to meet Pope Francis during the Festival of Families.


Let’s look at the iconic selfies of all times that caught every body’s attention!

1. This blurry group self-portrait taken by Bradley Cooper and posted by Ellen DeGeneres  became the sensation of the Oscars and the most famous selfie in the world.


2. Decades before the social media age kicked in, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, a pilot of the Gemini 12 spaceflight, became one of the first to take a selfie in space when he captured an image of himself with the pilot’s hatch of the spacecraft open.

Image Courtesy: Youtube


3. Celebrating its 10th year on Mars, the Mars Rover took a selfie spanning over a period of three days.

Image Courtesy: NASA’s Mars Exploration program official website


4. This is the man who started it all! Believed to be the world’s first selfie, Robert Cornelius captured a self-portrait in October 1839 while standing in the yard behind his family’s lamp store in Philadelphia, using the daguerreotype process.

Image Courtesy: Youtube


5. When George Harrison, one of the Beatles, was on a holiday in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and he managed with almost no tourists in the picture!


6. Making a social media entrance, vice president Joe Biden made his Instagram debut with the ‘bromance shot’ including former president Barack Obama.


7. Here is a super classy mirror selfie by Jacqueline Kennedy from 60 years ago with John F. Kennedy and her sister-in-law.


8. When the dolphin decides to photo bomb your selfie, the results are amazing!

Image Courtesy: Imgur


9. One of the most followed people on Instagram, Selena Gomez took the most liked picture on Instagram in April, 2017 with boyfriend The Weekend at the Coachella Festival.



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10. So this is one of the most infamous selfies in the world, taken by former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt. The selfie that also included former President Barack Obama and former Prime Minister David Cameron, was taken at a memorial service for Nelson Mandela, in South Africa.