Priety Zinta’s latest comments on the #MeToo movement have made her the target of a lot of backlash and criticism.

The actress was giving an interview with Bollywood Hungama, and was asked about her take on the #MeToo movement in India. In the 5-minute video posted on YouTube, she goes on to say how she feels that the film industry is one of the safest places to work in. “The film industry is one of the safest places, they’re some of the most decent people I’ve worked with,” she says in the video. 

The video starts on a fairly good note with Zinta talking about how the movement is necessary and even goes on to say how being from the industry, she’s heard a lot of stories about things like this happening. But she seemed to get more defensive about the industry by the minute. The interviewer asked her if she has ever experienced anything inappropriate in the workplace, to which she laughs and says, “No, I haven’t, I wish I had. At least, then, I would have had an answer to tell you. No and that’s what I am saying that this is a very relevant question because people treat you the way you want to be treated.”

The video ended with her reciting something she once heard, which was “Aaj ki sweetu kal ki #MeToo ho sakti hai.” Watch the whole video below.


Preity took to twitter to voice her frustration and claimed that the interview was edited to make her look bad. 

Preity also replied to a few tweets who called her out for her comments.

Priety’s comments come soon after the powerful #MeToo wave that hit Bollywood and accused several industry figures like Alok Nath, Vikas bahl, Subhash Ghai, Sajid Khan, Chetan Bhagat, and many more of sexual misconduct.  


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