After moving to California, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning a special secret project in Hollywood.

According to Variety, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reportedly been quietly shopping an idea for a project around town. The concept of the project in not known yet but the couple took meetings in June with networks. It is unknown whether the secret project is a supposed to be for a scripted or unscripted TV series, or something else but they want to serve as joint producers for it.

According to the insiders, the project has been pitched to various media companies including NBCUniversal. The meeting was reportedly set up with top executives of the company, including Bonnie Hammer, the chairman of NBCUniversal Content Studios. He knew Markle from her years as an actor on “Suits.”

Both NBCUniversal and representative for the famous couple declined to comment when contacted by Variety, but a source close to pair mentioned that Markle “has absolutely no plans to act.”

Markle’s first job back in Hollywood was narrating a docuseries for Disney Plus, Elephants, which premiered in April. The movie benefits Elephants Without Borders, an organization that protects the elephants living in Botswana. The project came in when Markle was seen chatting with Disney chairman Bob Iger at London’s premier of The Lion King, last year.