PUBG Will Now Only Allow Six Hours Of Gameplay Per Day In India
PUBG Will Now Only Allow Six Hours Of Gameplay Per Day In India

Restrictive or much-needed?

Players Unknown Battleground or as it is more popularly known, PUBG, has taken over a majority of the phones of India’s youth. The game has also fallen deep into controversy for the last few days after reports emerged of a boy dying because of playing too much PUBG. So, the game developers were forced to take measures to curb the addiction problem players have while playing the game to save itself from legal action.


The developers have now imposed a time limit of six hours to play the game per day, reported The Next Web. Once you’ve played the game for six hours, a message will pop up informing you that the game has been stopped. 


Calling the game “addictive” would be an understatement. The game is more popular with youngsters, so naturally, parents are concerned about their children playing it non-stop for such long hours. The game has also been on the government’s radar after news broke out of people being arrested in Gujarat simply because they were playing PUBG. Clearly, even though PUBG does have a huge amount of users from India, they’re struggling to keep up with tough government and media restrictions on them. 

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