Has Radhika Apte Kicked Off Bollywood’s Own #MeToo Movement?
Has Radhika Apte Kicked Off Bollywood’s Own #MeToo Movement?

The actress has come forth with startling revelations

Known for her controversial statements already on Southern cinema and Bollywood, Radhika Apte is back in the headlines. She revealed a shocking story on TV reality show BFF that she had slapped a well-known Tamil co-star while on set.


She stated that the apparently famous name had tried to tickle her foot on the first day of shooting, and the stunned actress had responded by slapping him immediately across the face. She gave no further details, not naming the actor or the project.


It will be interesting to see if, now that the story has found traction, Apte continues to expose more of the incident. There is always public interest in this issue, and it would be great for industry insiders to begin to stand up and name names, like what has happened in Hollywood, to bring Bollywood to a more professional standard. There is surely no dearth of secrets, and it is up to the women in the industry to have the confidence to come forward to expose the sort of working conditions they are subject to in their search for success.

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