Rajinikanth And Other Personalities Who Should Enter Politics
Rajinikanth And Other Personalities Who Should Enter Politics

We think these people have the potential to make a difference in the lives of millions.

These days there’s a lot of speculation as to which party Rajinikanth should join, if he ever embraces politics. Moreover, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari seems absolutely enthusiastic about it and also stated in an interview how Rajinikanth should think about the BJP because “there is an appropriate place for him” in the party.


This advice was followed by Amit Shah’s indication that the BJP doors were open for the actor when he finally decides to take the plunge. This speculation has also gotten his humongous fans excited, because well, he is Rajinikanth after all. While everyone is still contemplating which party he will finally choose, let’s indulge in some wishful thinking. Here’s a list of people (actors, cricketers, authors) we wish would join politics, besides Rajinikanth, because we think they have the potential to make a difference in the lives of millions while some in the list do have the knack to draw crowds. Take a look.





This is an obvious choice. Since cricket has a limited shelf life, the greatest batsman of all time (with his large fan base across the globe) can definitely experiment with politics and bring about a positive change to the current political scenario.



Aamir Khan



Aamir Khan is known to speak his mind which has sometimes landed him into controversies. Whether it was the Narmada Bachao Andolan or the intolerance debate, Aamir has never shied away from giving his opinion to the masses. His stance and demeanour would definitely make him an unconventional political leader without the usual political-correctness we usually come across.



Chetan Bhagat



We cannot underestimate Chetan Bhagat’s popularity among the masses and we think he is one of the most influential personalities in the country today. He has the power to sway public opinion in his favour, especially with his recent tweets suggesting his political inclination.



Swara Bhaskar



She’s always been vocal about women’s rights and recently gave a piece of her mind when Paresh Rawal’s tweet stirred up controversy. She wrote: “A Parliamentarian has the shamelessness to openly threaten a woman and call for a brutal act of violence on Twitter. Disgusting!” We think she will make a great impact, does she ever decide to join politics.



Arundhati Roy



She has always been in the news for her determined, strong, and outspoken analysis of the deep rooted issues of the country, which mostly puts her under solid scrutiny by most ruling regimes (be it the UPA or the BJP). The thinker that she is, we definitely believe her opinion matters, especially when it comes to a section of the society that is usually ignored in this capitalist country. We think she’ll make a great leader for the underprivileged.



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