Mumbai's Anti-Vaxxer Brochure Goes Viral On Reddit; Users Call Them Out
‘Medical Degree From WhatsApp University: Redditors Are Calling Out Mumbai’s Anti-Vaxxer Group 

In the pamphlet, the anti-vaxx group has listed down 13 reasons why parents should not vaccinate their children

Recently a Reddit user posted an image of a rather concerning brochure in Mumbai, asking people not to get vaccinated. The Reddit account, which is now deleted, claims to have come across an anti-vaxxer group that was distributing the pamphlet in public. 


The pamphlet, which appears to be from a group called ‘Awaken India Movement’ has listed down 13 different reasons on why parents shouldn’t be vaccinating their children. Some of which warns of a possible death caused by the vaccine to the violation of Nuremberg Code on bioethics of human experimentation. 


What’s more concenrning here is the group is seen going by an abbreviated name of ‘AIM,’ which could be confused with the AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science). It remains to be seen if this was done by design or is just mere coincidence. Additionally, the anti-vaxxers’ group’s official telegram ID seems to have over 14,000 members, hinting at the scale of their operation.


This isn’t the first time the anti-vaxxer movement has popped up in India. Back in 2020, a similar group posted a video on YouTube advocating against the use of a mask and how the virus was a hoax. They were apprehended by the police later. 


It remains to be seen if a similar action will be taken against this group as well. As expected, many Reddit users have pointed out the discrepancies about the facts detailed on the pamphlet. Here are some of the comments:








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