As several end-of-year reports go live this month, Indian companies in particular have compiled a wealth of data based on how we invest, shop, and especially, eat.

With millions of Indians working from home this year, it’s pretty clear that food apps such as Swiggy would gain a clearer picture of the dishes we’re ordering en-masse.

Swiggy shared their sixth annual StatEATstics report with us today – revealing a bunch of delicious and even amusing findings.

Here’s some of the top highlights:


What Did We Eat The Most?

While there’s plenty of big orders to go through, India’s most eaten snack of the year by a large margin happened to be the humble samosa, with a staggering 5 million orders – amounting to an incredible 1,500,000,000 calories of chatpata aloo goodness.

Pav Bhaji played runner up this year, with a respectable 2.1 million orders. Cheese-garlic bread, popcorn and french fries also made several after-hours appearances this year – saving several of us from midnight cravings.

Samosa won’t always cut it, though – what if we’re hungrier?


Main Course: What Were India’s Top Meals for 2021?


You know when one team wins a sport way too often, and things get boring? It’s pretty much the same story here – although many of us would have it no other way. Chicken Biryani has topped the charts for the sixth time in a row this year – a staggering 115 Biryanis were ordered per minute on Swiggy alone!

If you’re into healthier food, perhaps you’d be a bit surprised to find that one major city upturned the Biryani trend. While Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow and Hyderabad all continued their long love affair with Chicken Biryani, Mumbai bucked trends this year in favor of Dal Khichdi – a much lighter option that’s easier on the stomach.

Speaking of Dal Khichdi, the search for healthy food on Swiggy doubled in 2021. In tandem, health-focused restaurants on Swiggy HealthHub witnessed a 200% increase in orders – especially in Bangalore, which seems to have India’s best dietary habits.


What About Dessert?

Gulab Jamun

Sure, eating healthy is important – but indulging a little never hurt anyone.

While late-night ice cream became a major trend this year at over 2.3 million orders, Indians still prefer something a bit traditional after their meals. Gulab Jamun took top spot this year with 2.1 million orders, followed by Rasmalai with 1.27 million.

Swiggy also released a few stats surrounding its delivery partners. During a year of controversy and public outrage regarding their working conditions, it’s a little heartening to note that some cities such as Chennai have been exceptionally generous – one customer even gave his delivery partner a Rs. 6,000 tip for a single order!

What’s my favorite statistic? Probably the one surrounding Swiggy’s ‘laziest’ customer – a person who ordered a tongue cleaner from a store barely 200 meters away from their home!

(Photo Sources: Swiggy, Unsplash)