After Prime Minister Narendra Modi scrapped Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, the decision sent people across the country into a state of frenzy, with everyone rushing to banks and ATMs for some exchanges and withdrawals. And with each passing day, people seem to be resorting to some strange measures to get their hands on the new notes or discarding the old ones. From a woman stripping outside an ATM to robbers returning snatched money, here are some really strange things that have occurred after the currency ban.

A woman in Delhi strips while waiting in an ATM queue

This incident occurred in Mayur Vihar, Delhi, where a woman actually took off her shirt in protest against the shortage of cash after the government’s decision. She left most bystanders stunned after resorting to this extreme measure and was immediately taken to the Ghazipur Police Station after which she was escorted to a nearby ATM from where she was able to withdraw cash.

Kerala’s currency collector is in a fix

With the centre’s sudden decision to demonetize Rs 500 and 1000 currency notes, this Kerala man found himself in an awkward situation because he has been collecting notes that end with the number ‘786’ since years. Ebin, who is a teacher in Hyderabad, firmly believed that 786 was his lucky number and he currently has a collection of about 80 five-hundred and 30 thousand-rupee notes that end with his lucky number. He is now in a fix about whether he should retain the old notes or exchange them with new ones.


A number of sacks of burnt money found in Bareilly, UP

The very next day after the landmark decision, sacks full of burnt currency was found by some workers at the Parsa Kheda road in Bareilly. According to police sources, the notes were cut before being burnt and then eventually discarded. Meanwhile, the Bareilly police forces are trying to track down who is responsible for the deed.

Robbers return a snatched purse after they found demonetized currency in it

This move has impacted robbers too because according to a report by TOI, two men snatched a construction worker’s wallet only to return it later, after they discovered the wallet only contained 500 Rupee notes. Moreover, the disappointed robbers slapped the wallet owner and told him he should have carried 100 Rupee notes.


Image courtesy: Pixabay