Distressed fashion goes up a notch with mud splattered sneakers and denims ripped apart by animals

While most of us throw out our torn, worn and dirtied clothes, fashion looks at it differently. They call it ‘distressed style.’ Fell down and ripped your jeans? That’s stylish. Holes in your T-shirt? That’s ‘hipster chic.’ Muddied your shoes? That’s alright, it’s in vogue! Maybe that’s what Adidas must have been thinking. Don’t worry about your shoes getting messed up because Adidas has come up with the already stained trainers for $175 (that’s Rs 10,629 approximately) which are caked with ‘handcrafted’ mud splatter. The new 7X750 trainers (which are a part of the brand’s 84-Lab project) are in collaboration with British artist Ryan Gander, American fashion designer Mark McNairy and Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi. These white shoes feature haphazard mud patterns at the bottom giving an impression of living through the violent monsoons of Mumbai.


Call it cool and arty or just call it stupid, if you are interested in buying them head to endclothing.com or you can just create one by purchasing white Adidas sneakers and some brown paint.

That’s not it! Expect the Japanese to come up with innovative (and sometimes weird) ideas and products. Take a look at the video to the see making of distressed jeans by some of the most dangerous beasts. See it to believe it. “The only jeans on earth designed by wild animals” is how Zoo Jeans describe their denim collection. Sheets of denims are wrapped around the tyres and toys which are then thrown towards lions, tigers and bears who are seen playing with it (by playing we mean ripping, tearing and biting the fabric). Whatever’s left of the fabric is then gathered up and used to create their distressed jeans.

But before you think that this is a weird technique to get that perfect distressed looking jeans, it is for a good cause to raise funds for wildlife preservation. In collaboration with Kamine Zoo in the Hitachi City of Japan, Zoo Jeans is an initiative by The Mineko Club, a volunteer group of zoo supporters. These exclusive custom made pairs of jeans were auctioned online (at Yahoo Japan’s auction site) for a week starting from 7th of July. All profits generated by Zoo Jeans are to be donated to the Kamime Zoo and the World Wildlife Fund.

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