Dior Homme Intense, Christian Dior’s extraordinary and powerful perfume, rejuvenates the senses with its enchanting and addictive trail. A celebration of King Iris, Dior Homme Intense is a sensual and striking composition created by François Demachy, the exclusive perfume creator. Exuding sensuality, this enticing scent possesses a definite identity and a powerful structure, creating a rare concentration that sets it apart from others.

Elegant and timeless, Robert Pattinson is the face of the Dior Homme Intense which is an avant-garde Eau de Parfum with a woody oriental trail, vibrant top notes, a dash of cinnamon, vanilla and tonka bean, structured in an eminently masculine woody texture dominated by Virginia Cedar. Take a look at the video featuring Robert Pattinson here.

Dior Homme Intense

According to the creator François Demachy, “Dior Homme Intense is a ‘dry’ and tenacious oriental. Its rounded notes are surrounded by the woodiness that gives the composition its dryness. It has a virility that’s up-front and direct”.

Try the Dior Homme Intense for its utterly unforgettable trail which is addictive and is sure to leave you spellbound.