The world’s most popular dating app has now made one of its most premium service free for everyone. Tinder has converted its Passport feature to a free service, so we can all make some new quarantine buddies.

In a note sent to all Match Group employees about the decision, CEO Shar Dubey said the decision will give the Tinder community “the technology to share, learn and listen to those that are experiencing this same situation in different geographies during an unprecedented period of isolation.”

The feature allows users to switch locations anywhere in the world, and start swiping with people over there. Just search by city or drop a pin anywhere on the map and start swiping. The company says it hopes “you use the Passport feature to virtually transport yourself out of self-quarantine to anywhere in the world.”

This move is definitely a step in the right direction. With some of us being confined to our homes, sometimes all alone, loneliness can quickly seep in. A feature like this that allows you to interact with individuals from all around the world and talk about the ongoing crisis and can be prove to be a great way to feel united, no mater where you are.