Japan is known for its sustainable and innovative solutions. And the country decided to implement this same mentality for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well.

The medals for the upcoming Olympics are going to be made from recycled materials collected from old electronics. The Tokyo 2020 committee has revealed its Olympic medal designs exactly one year before the games are set to start. The medals were revealed at the year-to-go countdown until the Tokyo 2020 Games, with International Olympic Committee chief Thomas Bach complimenting the country’s enthusiasm.

The Tokyo Medal Project 2020 was announced in 2017. Collecting around 80,000 tonnes of mobile phones and small electronic devices for gold, silver and bronze medals made the project successful. The medals will be awarded to the athletes at the Olympics and Paralympics next year.



“We hope that our project to recycle small consumer electronics and our efforts to contribute to an environmentally friendly and sustainable society will become a legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Games,” said a spokesperson for Tokyo 2020.

According to the project report, around 6 million mobile phones were collected. It took almost 2 years to extract metal from these collected phones, to turn them into medals.