Under: World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant Coming Up In Norway In 2019

Come April 2019, Under is going to be the place to be

Come April 2019, Under is going to be the place to be. The restaurant is all set to be Europe’s first and the world’s largest underwater restaurant, reports Business Insider. In order to be able to withstand the pressure and rough sea, it’ll be surrounded by three-foot-thick walls. Under can accommodate up to a 100 guests who will certainly be in for a treat – the BI report states that they’ll get to witness the sea life swim by through the 36 x 13-foot panoramic window.

“What makes it so complicated and unique, is the fact that it isn’t going to be a simple, concrete storage tank, but rather an amazing, unique experience for people due to the location, the architecture, the interior, the underwater view and of course the delicious cuisine,” said Arne Marthinsen (the project manager for SubMar Group which is handling Under’s marine operations), in a press release.

“Our Norwegian specialty highlights the wonders beneath the sea and the unique blend of genuine Norwegian wildlife and berries in keeping with the changing seasons of the Southern tip of Norway. My team and I work in close co-operation with local farmers, fishermen, hunters and harvesters to provide the freshest ingredients. In this way, we create flavorful, innovative dishes that reflect our landscape,” said chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard, according to the official website.

The website also encourages guests to come along on the “gastronomic excursion” that Under promises, the menu highlighting the “hidden treasures of the raw beauty of the local surroundings, and the delicious varieties of the pulsing sea”.

(Picture credits: Official site – Under)