Vietnamese Budget ‘Bikini Airline’ To Launch In India
Vietnamese Budget ‘Bikini Airline’ To Launch In India

The controversial carrier is set to expand

VietJet Air is Vietnam’s first private airline, and it has grown rapidly to become the country’s second largest aircraft career since its launch in 2011. VietJet attributes its fame and success to its interesting service model; airhostesses aboard the airline wear bikinis on-board.


Started by entrepreneur Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, who has been catapulted to become Vietnam’s first female billionaire as a result of VietJet’s success, the airline has faced controversy from its inception. Many criticize what they see to be a manifestation of sexism and female objectification. The airline grabbed headlines and sparked debate earlier this year after they sent models in swimsuits in accompany the national football team home from China.


It remains to be seen to what extent the airline will be able to offer its consumer experience in India. A foreign firm coming in on such a large scale, posing direct threat to Indian carriers with a policy of provocation, will surely cause a stir.


The airline aims to begin a Delhi-Ho Chi Minh City route by this August. It would fly four times a week. Despite its gimmicks, the airline is a fundamentally serious venture, with revenues of $986 million last year, transporting over 17 million passengers on over sixty routes.

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