Want a Cumberbite?

A life size chocolate statue of Benedict Cumberbatch has been gifted to the world this Easter

Thanks to Sherlock and The Imitation Game, Benedict Cumberbatch is a big hit among both women and men. And judging from this article, it’s safe to say that his popularity has taken a delicious turn. A team of eight enterprising chocolatiers in England have hand-crafted a life-size Benedict Cumberbatch out of 500 bars of Belgian chocolate.


This edible statue was created after the Sherlock star was named UK’s dishiest drama actor in a nationwide poll to celebrate the Drama channel joining the on-demand service, UKTV Play. It took 250 hours to complete the statue and weighs 40 kgs. Cumberbatch beat David Tennant, Sean Bean and Idris Elba in the poll, which also included Damian Lewis and  Aidan Turner.

The Benedict Cumberbatch chocolate statue will be displayed at Westfield Stratford City on April 3. Well, you can’t eat him but you can definitely check out the video of how he (ahem, it) was made.

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