Can you imagine entering a supermarket, picking up whatever you want and just leaving? Well, if you’re in Kochi, you can do just that. Watasale, a tech startup in Kochi has come out with this futuristic shopping experience, reports Indiatimes.

The news website reports that the store is shaped in the way Amazon Go, utilizing AI, camera technology and several other sensors that allow the store to be managed unmanned. So how do you go about this shopping experience? You enter the store by scanning the QR code on the Watasale app and once you’re inside, you just pick up a product and it’ll automatically get added to your cart.


If you feel that you don’t want the product anymore, just put it back on the shelf and it’ll be removed from your cart. Once you’re done selecting and de-selecting, you just pick up your products and leave – the cost of the product gets deducted from your debit/credit card which is linked to the Watasale app.

“Customers can enter the supermarket, pick the items they want and leave. The store will recognize the items with the help of artificial intelligence and camera,” Subhash, CEO of Watasale explained, according to Indiatimes.