World Cancer Day: Real Stories Of Cancer Survivors Who've Used Cannabis
World Cancer Day: Real Stories Of Cancer Survivors Who’ve Used Cannabis

This might not work for everyone, but it has for some.

Let’s get one thing out of the way, this post does not endore cannabis use for recreational purposes. Medical marijuana is a serious topic, and too often, young stoners use it as an excuse to validate their habit. In turn, they lose focus on their life (not always), alienate themselves from family and revolve their life around the herb. They think it’s cool, but it’s not. 


That said, there have been cases where cancer survivors have used cannabis or cannabis oil as a way to alleviate pain while undergoing treatment. Let’s take a look at some such stories. 


“With my original diagnosis, I was given six months to a year to live,” he told reporters. He added that after taking medical marijuana, he felt much better than he did after chemotherapy. That said, he added that it wasn’t a go-to method for all cancer patients. “This doesn’t work for everybody. Thousands of people are now doing it. I spend three or four hours a night talking to people how I make the oils and try to educate people about it,” he said. 


Another cancer survivor, Lynn Cameron told, “I took a seizure on November 30, 2013, prior to which I had been quite well. I had a scan on December 10 and it showed a mass, and I was taken straight into Southern General at that point. I was operated on on December 16, and on December 27 I was told that I had stage 4 terminal brain cancer.”


“A good friend suggested cannabis, but I was too scared because it’s illegal. I also found it hard to believe that it would cure brain cancer so advanced. I researched more and more into natural ‘cancer killers’ and decided to follow an alkaline diet and cut out processed foods altogether. I also cut out sugar completely. I started taking cannabis oil under my tongue, as it gets straight into the blood stream that way. Each scan I received after that was showing an improvement. I had been told that chemotherapy and radiotherapy doesn’t make much difference, so I knew it must be the cannabis doing it. By the sixth MRI, the cancer had gone.” she said. 



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