If you were still having doubts about why feminism is so important and why women around the world are still fighting for basic amenities, you need to read this – according to the World Economic Forum, the gender pay gap globally will take around 202 years to close.

According to The Guardian, the WEF stated that while the pay gap has marginally narrowed, the overall number of women in the professional workplace has fallen. Last year, the WEF had opined that the gender pay gap would take about 217 years to close.

“The overall picture is that gender equality has stalled,” Saadia Zahidi, the WEF’s head of social and economic agendas, said, reports The Guardian.

“The future of our labour market may not be as equal as the trajectory we thought we were on,” she added.

The findings also stated that women get paid just about 63 per cent of what the men earn and that there is not a single country on Earth where women are paid as much as men. While Yemen, Syria and Iraq have the largest pay gap, Laos has the narrowest with women getting paid 91 per cent of what men earn.

“When it comes to political and economic leadership, the world still has a long way to go,” the report also stated. “Across the 149 countries assessed, there are just 17 that currently have women as heads of state, while, on average, just 18% of ministers and 24% of parliamentarians globally are women.”