Oceans play an essential role in our very underrated lives and are neglected by human beings. They are a part of the biosphere and are vital to the food and medicine that is produced all across the world. The Ocean is the largest water body surrounding us and provides us with Water, which is the most significant source of our survival and livelihood. Earth is covered by 29% land and approximately 71% water, and out of this percentage, a huge chunk belongs to the Oceans across the world. But like any other water body, it is also being destroyed by human beings. From industrial waste to throwing unwanted litter, its degradation destabilizes the Earth’s dynamics with its natural resources, leading to an eventual and unfortunate end. Due to this, it became imperative to save the most significant water body spread across the globe.

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As everyone knows, oceans day is celebrated to raise awareness amongst people about the benefits and importance of oceans. This would be the second year running. It would be celebrated virtually amongst people. Like any other significant event, it also has a particular theme and aspect to it. This year’s annual event will shed light on the wonder of the Ocean and how it is our life source, supporting humanity and every other organism on Earth. The United Nations every decade has a separate program for different types of bodies that are crucial for the environment. This decade, the theme is the UN Decade Of Ocean Science and Sustainable Development. Therefore, this year’s theme might prove to be an essential step in the lead-up to this decade’s theme. This day was first an initiative in the Earth Summit in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, and it was not until 2008 when the UN decided to make it official that June 8 every year would be celebrated as World Ocean Day.

The people should celebrate it in a light-hearted manner, and it would be requested that the Ocean not become another body that human beings have destroyed because of their wrongdoing.

Image Credit: Times Now