World's First Baby Born From A Dead Woman's Womb
World’s First Baby Born From A Dead Woman’s Womb

This is the first ever case of a baby being born from a dead woman’s womb transplant

Last year, a Brazilian mum was blessed with a little baby girl after receiving a womb transplant from a dead donor. This is the first ever case of a baby being born from a dead woman’s womb transplant. 


Reported by The Lancet, this birth occurred at University of São Paulo School of Medicine in Brazil, as per revealed by Hospital das Clínicas. The donor was a mother-of-three who passed away from a brain haemorrhage.


The 32-year-old woman who delivered the baby was suffering from Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome. In this rare condition, women are born without a uterus. The surgery for womb transplant lasted for almost 10 hours followed by fertility treatment.


Five months after the womb transplantation, the fertilised eggs were implanted. And, about seven months later, the recipient was confirmed to be pregnant.


As per reports, this girl was delivered via caesarean section at 35 weeks and three days and weighed about 2.55 kilograms. The mother-daughter duo was discharged after three days.

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