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Zenith’s Leap in Singapore

Brand’s celebrations to mark the launch of its flagship store were on a cosmic scale

Just one step separates space from the earth. And Felix Baumgartner took that step at the opening of the new Zenith boutique in Singapore in October. Interviews in race cars, the cutting of the ribbon, a celestial evening… the brand’s celebrations to mark the opening of its new flagship location in South-East Asia were on a cosmic scale. “Welcome aboard!” The driver giving this announcement was none other than Felix Baumgartner. The brand ambassador was giving a series of interviews whilst driving an Audi, while Aldo Magada, Zenith’s CEO, took questions on board a tram. A magical evening followed the cutting of the ribbon. Amidst space-themed decorations, the privileged guests learned about the Zenith brand’s philosophy and relived Felix Baumgartner’s incredible jump. “This evening, as part of its ongoing special relationship with Asia, Zenith is opening its boutique in Singapore, a highly prestigious location and a gateway to the world”, announced Magada.