Sex is one of the major things which makes life worth living, but unfortunately, it doesn’t always go as well as we expect it to go. Sometimes, certain factors can ruin the experience for many couples. Let’s take a look at some of them.


If you’re obese, you’re at a greater risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction. Additionally, your body might give you self-esteem issues which can lead to performance anxiety. You’ll also face problems with certain sex positions.


Certain anti-depressants can kill your libido, so please make sure you contact your doctor if you’re facing any issues. Usually, anti-depressants are temporary so your loss of libido will be temporary too.


Sex is different when you wear a condom and when you don’t. If you can have sex without a condom (make sure you are comfortable with making her pregnant, and know that she doesn’t have any STDs) then that’s going to allow you to experiment more freely.

Porn Addiction

If you watch a lot of porn, you might expect your intercourse to last for an hour which may not be the case in reality. Also, some of the moves and all that moaning that we see in porn, is just not meant for real life.


A stressful day caused due to your boss’ bad temper, a relative’s sickness or a fight with your lover might kill your libido and make sex a mere chore rather than a pleasurable experience. Get a massage, or simply take rest until you’re ready to have sex with a fresh mind.