Everyone has a Christmas wishlist and some of the items on it are more naughty than nice. There was a time (oh, the good ol’ days of childhood) when being on ‘Santa’s naughty list’ was the stuff of nightmares but now, it could very well be the name of a porno on the internet. In fact, it probably is.


Hence, we asked people to get as naughty as possible and tell us about their most inappropriate Xmas wish. Here goes nothing!

Akash R – “I know it’s kind of lame but I really, really want a threesome. Like it’s so lame and cliche that it probably won’t even make it to Santa’s naughty list but well, I’m a simple man with simple dreams.”

Sanaya K – “I just want my boyfriend to give me an orgasm for once in his life. Jesus. Ajay, if you’re reading this, please get your act together.”

Anamika M – “I have heard of this thing called a golden shower and I know that a lot of people think it’s weird and dirty but I would like to try it once. I’ve heard that it can really be a spiritual experience.”

Wendell P – “I want to attend a gay orgy. There are so many of them that are planned on Grindr but I don’t know if they’re safe. But yeah, let me know if you hear of something?”

Yvonne E – “I just want a will to live, man. Like, fuck off.”

Fatima B – “I want to try out food sex. Like whipped cream is so 2015, you know? I want the whole five-course meal. Time to get back on Tinder, I suppose.”

PSA: We are all for kink but do remember to always practise safe sex.

Do you have a naughty wish? Let us know in the comments below!