Well, this news makes us wonder and makes us ask questions. What if the sticker gets lost in the vagina? If the adhesive is strong, then won’t peeling it off be tough work? But, let’s keep those questions for later. We’ll only find out if this product becomes famous.

Until then, let’s tell you more about Jiftip.

According to the company’s website Jiftip is a sticker which is hypoallergenic, and it’s feel shield has two materials. The top layer is polyurethane film, and the adhesive layer is used in specialty skin bandages, but with a maximum grip.

First, it’s not yet safe to use Jiftip as a condom replacement. It’s still in development stages and you should only experiment with it.

It might be a godsend for those who think that sex with a condom is just not the same as sex without it.

Also, if you’re wondering if there are different Jiftips for different penis sizes, well here’s what the company has to say, “Every penis has the same IQ and tip size, Sa-Same.” The manufacturers have admitted that removing it initially can be a little painful, but then like a lot of other things (like drinking beer), one gets used to it.

Finally, we’d like to end with a lofty claim that the manufacturers have made. “You get to fall in love with sex, all over again, like a virgin,” they’ve said. We can’t tell until we’ve tried it.