Break-ups can be extremely bitter, and it’s normal to feel emotionally depleted after going through one. The sweet memories, the promises, the conversations – every nice memory comes back to haunt you, and often, it can have a major impact on your life and career. To make sure that you don’t drown yourself in alcohol or mope endlessly about your past, here are some things you can do.

Pour Your Heart Out To A Friend

“It’s always nice to talk to a friend, especially someone you’ve known since your childhood. It helps the healing process, and allows your brain to put the past behind,” says Radhika Kohli, a PR professional. 

Start Exercising

“It’s one of the healthiest ways to recuperate, as exercising is known to secrete the feel-good hormones in your brain. Also, going for a run or lifting heavy weights will exhaust your body, which will make sure that your mind stays calm,” says Poonam Sachdeva, a lawyer. 

Don’t Hold Grudges

“Being angry at someone is like holding a hot coal in your hand, and expecting the other person to get burnt. It’s silly. That said, it’s also perfectly normal especially if the break-up is abrupt and without good reason. If you find yourself holding grudges, make a conscious effort to vent out your anger in other ways to get rid of the load,” says Rakesh Mishra, a sports journalist. 

Take A Long Vacation

“A change of setting can work wonders. You can either go to your native place where you have relatives you haven’t met for a long time, or you can go to a new place where you can reflect on the mistakes and learn from them,” says Ganesh Shetty, a businessman. 

Celebrate With A Ceremony

“Another trick that I definitely approve is to throw a party celebrating the break-up. Everybody knows that the relationship was too toxic to continue, and marking its end with a round of drinks for your friends will help you in moving on. You can even burn her photos after a few pegs if that’s what gives you happiness,” says Hemant Pathak, a banking executive.