One of the things that everybody wants is to be attractive to the opposite sex. Probably, that is why people spend so much on education and cosmetics. So that they can be attractive both physically and socially, and be able to acquire whoever they desire.

Recently, Tinder conducted a survey on 15000 participants. And the results are there for you all to see.

What do men find attractive?

  • Good looks (30.6%)
  • Sense of humor (25.2%)
  • Shares values and interests (24.1%)

What do women find attractive?

  • Sense of humor (24.5%)
  • Shares values and interests (24%)
  • Intelligence/well-read (22.9%)

Other than these findings, the app also asked users for what they would like to do on their first date. And the answers were:

  • Something low key or casual
  • Learn something new together
  • Wine and dine

“The results of this survey were certainly interesting. We’re often asked about how men and women differ in their behaviour and preferences in online dating, but we’ve found that men and women value the same characteristics in a partner, largely. Both men and women are seeking partners who are worldly and open-minded. This is a heartening revelation for our users who are seeking to forge meaningful connections as you know that there are others who share your values and interests,” said Taru Kapoor, Tinder’s top boss in India.