We’ve all heard of the strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavoured condoms. Honestly, most of them taste nothing like the flavours mentioned on the packet but hey, to each their own.

However, there are many condom flavours that exist which we had no clue about. To make your Tuesdays weirder than they are, we’ve compiled a few:

Cola flavoured condoms: If you’re on the keto diet, this one’s not for you.

Credits: Amazon

Cannabis flavoured condoms: For that extra high.

Credits: Amazon

Garlic flavoured condoms: In case your date turns out to be a vampire.

Credits: The Stinking Rose

Achaari flavoured condoms: Because you can’t claim to have had a full meal without achaar? (eww sorry, we know)

Credits: Twitter

Whiskey flavoured condoms: #TGIF just got better.

Credits: Amazon

Paan flavoured condoms: We don’t even know what to say about this.

Credits: Amazon