Actress Sunny Leone on how men should try to be good listeners, how money isn’t everything when trying to impress a girl, and more. 


  • We like men who know what they want in life.


  • A man who can respect his mother and sisters is a winner.


  • Women like men who take care of themselves. If you care about yourself, how you look and feel, then it reflects in your behaviour.


  • Have a sense of humour, but know when it’s time to be serious.


  • Women do not like the run around in a relationship. So if it’s not working, have the guts to speak up before you hurt someone.



  • Don’t ever lie to a woman. Coming out and telling the truth is way better then lying. You might still be in trouble, but at least you were honest.


  • Try your best to be a good listener. A woman is a born nurturer, and when you listen to her wishes, she will always go out of her way to make you happy.


  • Don’t wear too much cologne; it’s not going to help you get the girl you want.


  • Don’t be scared to talk to a girl you like. As long as you are respectful and not using one-liners, you will have more of a chance to get her attention.


  • Remember, money isn’t everything in trying to impress a girl. It’s the little things that touch a girl’s heart. A single rose just for nothing, making breakfast together, taking a nice walk on the beach, writing her love letters…use your imagination.